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Social Responsibility System Policy (SA8000: 2014) 

1. Prohibit the use of child labor: we never accept any use of child labor or forced labor, or any suppliers or

subcontractors that damage the health and safety of employees. 

2. Respect employees’ freedom and prohibit any form of forced labor. 

3. Provide healthy and safe working and living conditions, to ensure the safety and occupational health of employees. 

4. Promote labor cooperation, respect employees’ freedom to form associations and their collective bargaining rights. 

5. Provide equal and fair responsibilities for work and social activities, and prohibit any forms of discrimination. 

6. Respect the basic human rights of employees, and prohibit the behavior of insulting personality in any forms. 

7. Reasonable arrangements for the production plan, and for staff’s working hours and rests. 

8. Provide reasonable salaries and benefits, meeting the basic needs of employees at least. 


The Group's Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policy (ISO 14001: 2015, OHSAS18001: 2007) 

1. Committed to integrate occupational health and safety into the sustained management performance of all operations. 

2. Compliant with domestic and international environmental regulations and other requirements. 

3. Committed to pollution prevention, energy conservation, resource recovery and industrial waste reduction. 

4. Strengthen education and training, enhance the staff’s awareness and responsiveness of occupational health and safety. 

5. Implement automatic inspection and strengthen the safety maintenance and care for machinery and equipment. 

6. Protect staff’s safety and health through risk assessment and disaster prevention planning. 

7. Continue the implementation of the contractor's advocacy and auditing operations for occupational safety management, and convey this policy through appropriate media, so that the relevant groups can understand our determination in environmental protection and occupational health and safety management.


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