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Improving Education in ShyaHsin Group

  • Time of issue:2018-10-22 15:18

Improving Education in ShyaHsin Group

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  • Time of issue:2018-10-22 15:18
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In mid-september 2018, 219 people in the three factory districts of ShyaHsin Group ushered in a sacred moment in their career -- the three-year college study has finally come to a happy ending.The first 224 people participated in the education promotion project of 2015, and they obtained 219 graduation certificates, with a passing rate of 97.7%.


Education promotion project is generally known as talent cultivation, and talent is also an indispensable resource for enterprises in the fierce market competition. The competition between enterprises has turned into talent competition.


Uphold the "cultivating talents, create the future" concept, contact hing group in the transformation progress and sustainable development in the struggle, actively improve the cultivating a batch of excellent staff, to build a solid product, established a reputation enterprise goodwill, contact hing group such growth cannot leave the company all colleagues, leave the colleagues for learning, progress and insist, hope every colleague to continue learning attitude, in his post on to the next level.





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